08 September 2009

Commercial Break

Consider this a public service announcement that interrupts your normally scheduled programing. [Don't worry; I will not use the disturbing routine of a ghastly, child narrator who was killed by a drunk-driver.]

It has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions that my ambiguous identity arouses suspicion. My face is obscured in photos for security. I interact with people on a daily basis, and I cannot have my neighbors holding exorcisms outside my house.

However, my choice to remain partially hidden should not be interpreted as trickery. I connect with you on twitter for a single purpose (Read it here). I am NOT a role-player. I do not operate multiple twitter accounts in the attempt to drum up extra support.

Also, I am not @WhoisJonathon8, @MTMK102, @CalistaThan, @LucRevenant or @LordBarren. I cannot tell you their whereabouts, current dispositions, political ideology, or speak with authority on whatever other concerns they pose to you. Sure, the voices in my head are often contentious, but I do not air my internal dialogue on twitter [read with sarcasm].

Furthermore, if someone other than @AnaRevenant is tweeting under my name, then they are doing so without my permission, and they should consider choosing a more reputable individual to impersonate. Seriously, you won't get far by using my name.

One more thing: Don't take this message too harshly, if you were one of the individuals who asked if I maintained multiple online-personalities. The question has been posed several times by several different people. You are not alone, but do not make the same mistake again.

Dic mihi solum facta,

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