16 June 2009

I am Ana Revenant

Many names have been given to me over the years, and I suppose that Ana Revenant is as good a name as any. It fits me well. After all, I have been existing outside of society for some time, and I have been known to cause a stir.

I am nocturnal by choice and something of a mystery, but you don't need to look far to see my handiwork. I'm a world traveler, but I spend a deal of time by the sea. The mild climate keeps my skin soft and I do enjoy the water.

As I mentioned, I have been away, so many of the modern cultural staples are new to me. I am catching up quickly, though. Already, I have a Twitter account, and I've been charged with reading the popular books about teenage vampires. I doubt I'll like it, but it would be nice to see how people regard blood drinkers these days.

The rest of what I wish to say will have to wait for another night, this one has already been full of human interaction.


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