23 June 2009

So you're coming over for dinner?

I am Calista Thanasimos. My name fits me as smoothly as a satin dress. If you know a bit of Greek, you'll realize I'm beautiful but lethal. People have called me many things, most often Empusa, but I prefer to obscure my identity with an indefinite veil.

Perhaps the way I toy with mortal men before well...dinner...is a bit cruel, but we all have our hobbies. Though sired what seems like aeons ago in Greece, I'm always traveling and looking for new, challenging conquests. Head-games are my favorite. The look that washes over a man's face when he realizes he isn't the actual pursuer keeps me in stitches.

Just because I may have slightly colder motives doesn't mean I don't have philanthropic, pet causes. For example, malaria is utterly destroying my menu. Malaria must be eradicated to maintain a tasty food supply.

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